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December 15-19

XI Moscow Art Fair

The Moscow Art Fair of ART ARENA MANEZH takes place this year for an 11-th time.

More than 280 of Russian and foreign galleries representing a full spectrum of modern art trends took part in the fair during the ten years' period. Everything from amusing and serious, experimental and generally recognized becomes accessible to the spectator these several days of fair in Manezh Arena. Many constant fair participants offer new art projects.

Polina Lobachevskaya Gallery traditionally exposes the best works of sixties' artists from the assembly on the ART MANEZH ARENA. One of the trends of activity gallery with that it is engaged for almost 11 years is nn-conformist artists represented by museum value works of art: Anatoly Zverev, Lydia Masterkova, Vladimir Nemuhin, Dmitry, Plavinsky, Francisco Infante, Edward Steinberg. Among others silk-screen printings of Edward Gorohovsky from Coin Box Project shown in 2001 in the State Russian Museum will be exposed this time. The money theme is actively exploited by the modern actual art. Money became an object of art research in this project. It was offered to participants to create their image of a coin box (model) symbolizing a certain archetype related to the universal accumulation experience. Then forms and casting in ceramics painted by artists were made under these models.

Museum of V. Vysotsky and Sem Brook Gallery install the Perpetuum mobile module, a huge steel kinetic object, a symbol of things in the nature and art circulation. The author comes back to initial semantics (time, eternal life and regeneration) in this project called a game by Vasily Bogachyov. In his works the artist gives a new life to old things, carrying out, in such a way a Perpetuum Mobile principle. Things find their birth in art taking new connotations and sense. In such a way, the idea of Perpetuum mobile became a symbol not only of this exhibition, but also of all the creativity of Vasily Bogachov in general

Alla Bulianskaya Gallery will bring you in an unexpected way the known fashion designer and model stylist Vyacheslav Zaitsev. The spectators will see his picturesque curtains and graphic arts.

Marina Zvagintseva Solaris project - installation from paper and monotypes. The author shows the most enigmatic and mysterious things to the spectator, unexplored world being not on the other end of Universe, but hidden inside of us.

Name of Goroo Irkutsk Gallery is chosen not by chance. This is the name of the sacred Buddhist ceremony. The source of creativity of all artists represented at the exhibition: Dmitry Budazhabe, Alexander Kuklisa, Gesera Zodboev, Alexander Samarin, Alena Tsidenova, became the Siberian ground, greatness of Baikal and creative traditions of Russian and Buryat art. Art plastic of Gesera Zodboev delicately reproduces the course of life and character of Pribaikalye peoples. Buddhist images interwine with the Buryat national culture in works of sculptor Dmitry Budazhabe. One of master sculptures is Soldier of Shambhala - a guard in the face of obstacles: fears, doubts, despondency and aggression from the outside. The painting of Alexander Kuklisa artist called "Red River" is the river of life, as a light source and energy as a symbol of eternity is an integral part of On the River of Time project concept.

Studio No. 2 Gallery will show products of Tigran Malhasian representing the modern art as transformation of technologies, transformation that gives rise to new sense and new art value. Tigran Malhasian brought in the space of canvas what should exist by the nature in the space of household utility. He decided that car varnishes and paints are organic not only on wings and hoods. In such a way there were on his canvases women reminding, at first sight, portrayals of Modigliani, written by varnishes and paints intended for immobilized iron. So a transformation of lifeless into alive in works is happening.

Museum of the European Art in New York (USA) - represents works of known European and American sculptors and artists. The task of the Museum is to attract the attention of spectators to sources of the Western art and culture with special stress on the European school of painting. For ART MANEZH ARENA the museum chose works of art of Stella Shalumova. The art worlds of Shalumova is the reflection of our world created as a certain poetic absolute. Her works are victoriously beautiful, they really delight the eye with the feast of color and refined compositions.

Traditionally many galleries at ART MANEZH ARENA show a cut of art that does not yet belong to antiques, but they are for sure the property of the last century. These are works of thirties-fifties, samples of social realist arts, pictoral art and graphics of artists-nonconformists, art of seventies-nineties.

This year the fair brings the focus of public the images inherent to traditional Russian arts, that brought the beginning of avant guarde art and played an exclusive role in the history of art of the -th century. The works of art of the Soviet epoch, postSoviet art, known modern writers and new names will make the basic part of fair. Socialist realism, Soviet impressionism, "severe" style and nonconformism, and also other numerous art trends of the end of the 20-th century will be presented both by known masterpieces, and new revelations. And, certainly, the basic attention will be concentrated on works of modern pictorial art, graphic pictorial art, sculptors. Among the artists declared at the fair there are: Alexander Sitnikov, Dmitry Plavinsky, Natalia Nesterova, Francisco Infante, Jury Cooper, Igor Snegur, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Anatoly Zverev and many other artists.

About 70 galleries from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Kiev, Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Ufa, galleries from Israel and France participate in ART MANEZH ARENA.

XI Moscow art fair ART MANEZH ARENA 2006 will be open from December 15-19, 2006 at the address: 1 nzhnaya square, Moscow Expocentre Manezh Arena

Opening day: Dec. 15, 2006 from 6.00 p.m.

The Fair is open: Dec. 2006, Dec. 16-18 from noon to 9. p.m.
Dec. 19, 2006 from noon to 7 p.m.

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