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Graphic Arts Fair

drawings, pastel, water color, photographs, printed graphics

II Graphic Arts Exhibition-Fair .

March 21-25, 2007, The Exhibition Hall, New Manege.

Within the framework of the HUDGRAPH Fair, participants present a wide variety of graphic products to the Art market : original graphics, printed graphics, photographs.

The first Graphic Arts Fair was held in March, 2006, in the "T-Module" showroom, and proved to be a success. 25 Galleries from Moscow, Krasnodar and Minsk took part in the Fair. Works of art in classical and modern printing techniques, drawings of well-known artists, posters, photographs and other various techniques were exhibited for sale at the Fair.

One of the most significant art exhibits at the Fair were Russian graphics – from the drawings of Phillip Maliavin, Sergey Gerasimov, to well-known Soviet posters, book graphics - Vereisky, Tirsa, Konashevich and West European engraving.

Several graphic exhibitions are held in Russia: a Biennial graphics Fair in Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk and a Triennial exhibition of printed graphics in Ufa. The HUDGRAPH Fair is the first specialized commercial Art Fair to respond to the growing interest of the Art market in graphic Arts, on the one hand traditional and antique methods, and on the other, in its new forms of computer graphics and photography.

The Fair accepts the following:

  • Original graphics - drawing, watercolor, pastel, monotype, collage, application, photomontage.
  • Printed graphics – printing press (engraving, lithograph, silk-screen printing, also books and crafts (cards, posters)
  • Computer graphics - images achieved through the processing of graphic images by means of computer facilities.
  • Photography, photo-graphics as a new form of graphics, using photographic technology..

The Fair does not impose age restrictions on the items presented.

These may be both modern works, and works of graphic Art from the 18th. to the 20th. Century.

Organizers - the managing committee of the Fair have held annual Salons and Fairs in Moscow with great success for more than 11 years, possessing a vast experience in attracting visitors and buyers and in the organizing of Art projects and business.

Partners - Pioneer, Advertising and Publishing Center Petrovsky Park, ARTINFO.

The Venue – The Exhibition Hall, New Manege.

Participants - Galleries, Associations, Art shops, Artists and Photographers.

Special projects - several special projects will be exhibited within the framework of the Fair.

Media Plan -

  • Advertising on serpentine banners and bill-boards.
  • Distribution of flyers in leading Moscow Business-centers.
  • Placement of full and half page advertisements in glossy editions
  • The presentation of the project at the Art Manege Fair and at the International Feastival of Art
  • Special VIP invitations, internet mailing
  • Encouraging mass-media sponsorship

Applications must be submitted by January 20, 2007
Cost per square meter - 4,000 roubles
Minimum area for a Stand - 12 sq.m.
Registration payment of 3,000 roubles
Final date of payment February 15, 2007